Are you interested in getting more involved with motorsport? image

Are you interested in getting more involved with motorsport?

As Rallying with Group B tries to evolve and encourage people, this year at Reis Race Retro (Europe's no.1 historic motorsport show), the team are looking to allow people who would like to actively get involved with motorsport to partake in marshalling the Live Rally Stages.
It doesn't matter if you're a novice or quite experienced in marshalling they can help you in this area! Why don't you come and try it out for a day or the weekend and get a little bit closer to the action and implement the safety aspects of the sport whilst having a great weekend of motorsport?
If you feel this is something you'd like to be involved with, get in touch via their Facebook Page (Rallyingwithgroupb) and join the social media group, or you can message their Chief Marshal (Martin Young) on for further instructions and information.

If you're already an experienced marshal or you're thinking of getting back involved this is an event for you!

We are also opening this up to Radio safety crews or personnel, as the event grows so does the team. Each volunteer will also be granted a full weekend ticket for the show and a warm lunch courtesy of ourselves.

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