How to enter a car into the Silverstone Auctions sale

How to enter a car into the Silverstone Auctions sale
Silverstone Auctions are accepting entries for their two-day sale at Race Retro. This step-by-step guide outlines the process for how to enter a competiton or classic car and what happens when you have. 
  1. CONTACT: Contact Silverstone Auctions and have the basic information available (make, model, year, mileage and condition of the car). You can reach them in a variety of ways:
  1. FURTHER INFORMATION: If the car is appropriate for the sale based on the initial information, a more detailed conversation will take place either on the phone or more likely, face to face. This will start the process of valuing the car.
  1. VALUATION: A valuation is achieved with the input from yourself and Silverstone Auctions team of classic car consignors. Their knowledge and experience of selling at past auctions is hugely valuable, as well as their understanding of the wider classic car market results.
  1. AGREEMENT: Upon the agreement of a valuation as well as Silverstone Auctions’ T&C’s, your car is entered into the sale.
  1. PHOTOGRAPHY: Silverstone Auctions have an in-house professional photographer who will capture your classic wonderfully. These images will be used to promote the sale of the car.
  1. PROMOTION: The car will have a place in the shows catalogue first and foremost. The earlier the car is entered; the longer Silverstone Auctions have to promote it! PR coverage, magazines, social media, third party listings and relevant online platforms are all used to showcase the cars in the sale.
  1. MANAGED: All enquiries on your classic are managed by Silverstone Auctions, your classic car consignor has taken the time to get to know all there is about your car, so all enquiries ahead of the sale are managed in-house.
  1. ON THE WEEKEND: On the weekend of the sale, Silverstone Auctions have a valeting team on hand to keep your classic looking its best while potential buyers inspect the car.  

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