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Rallying with Group B pay tribute to Russell Brookes

Rallying with Group B (RWGB) will pay tribute to two-time British Rally Champion Russell Brookes at this year’s Reis Race Retro, who died in October 2019. A long-time supporter of both RWGB and the show, there will be a display of the iconic cars Russell drove both to victory and on the Live Rally Stage.
Russell Brookes was undoubtedly one of the most famous rally drivers the UK has ever produced and his long-term association with his sponsor, Andrews Heat for Hire, forged a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of British rally fans.

Being from Inkberrow, only a stone’s throw from Stoneleigh Park, meant that Russell was always a regular attendee at Reis Race Retro and often featured driving one of the iconic cars that made him so famous in the 70s and 80s and saw him win two British Rally Championships.
Russell’s rallying career started out, as so many did, in a Mini before moving to the ubiquitous Ford Escort in 1973. This was the start of the association with Andrews Heat for Hire, a sponsorship deal that would carry on until 1991 and be seen on his Escorts, Sunbeams, Chevettes, Mantas, a Lancia Integrale and the Sierra Cosworths.

RWGB Director Tim Foster said: “He always had a good friendship with Rallying with Group B and Race Retro and as a tribute to him and his rallying, RWGB will display several of the iconic cars that he drove throughout his career including the Opel Manta, Sierra Cosworth and his Chevette HSR.
We will also have the totally unique Vauxhall Astra 4S that was to become the next generation of rallying supercar before Group B was banned, a car that Russell had a major role in developing. Visitors can also see the two Group B Opel Mantas that made rallying in the 1980s so exciting - Russell’s Manta alongside the AC Delco Manta that was driven by his great rival Jimmy McRae.”    
Reis Race Retro will also add to the tribute on the Live Stage where host Gemma Scott will talk about Russell with some of those that he had the greatest impact on both personally and professionally.
Don’t miss the Russel Brookes tribute by RWGB in Hall 1 of Reis Race Retro.