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A tailored performance driving masterclass just for you

Whether you want to master the finer points of heel-and-toe gearchanges and threshold braking, or simply gain the confidence to safely enjoy your sports car (classic or modern), a tailored performance driving masterclass will help you enjoy every journey in your cherished car so much more than you do already.

Owning any classic or contemporary sports car is, for most, a significant investment. Not just financial, but also in the time and effort you lavish on your pride and joy. A performance driving course is a modest investment in yourself, designed specifically to empower you with the knowledge and techniques to safely enjoy your sports car to the full, each and every time you drive it.

Total Car Control will give you skills that last a lifetime and most likely transform the way you drive; making every journey safer, hugely enjoyable and ultimately rewarding. 

For car handling courses, there is no better location in the UK than the world class driving facilities of Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, where some of the finest sports car are developed. The many and varied test tracks are challenging and exhilarating to drive well; and ideal for learning and consolidating a smooth, safe and swift driving style that is mechanically sympathetic. 

Time with Total Car Control is all about you, tailored to meet your own objectives, however specific or nebulous they may be, as well as to your car and existing ability. 

So, if you want your own ability to match that of your sports car, now is the time to invest in yourself.  But first, why not take advantage of Total Car Control’s free e-book, High Performance Principles, which is crammed with tips and techniques to help you enjoy your car all the more right now.

Download your FREE copy of High Performance Principles at www.highperformanceprinciples.com