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Historic Monposto Racing Club

Stand: CT-47

About Historic Monoposto Racing

The foundation Dutch Historic Monoposto Racing (HMR) has been founded with the aim to keep formula cars (Monoposto is Italian for single seater) from the 60’s and 70’s, racing. The foundation organises races on the main Dutch, Belgian, German racing tracks. Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, Niki Lauda, Arie Luijendijk, Jan Lammers and many others have taken this route. All big stars in Formula 1 have, on their way to the top, driven in one or more of the classes that are raced under the HMR banner. After a successful karting-career the next step was very often Formula Vee, Formula Ford 1600 or Formula Ford 2000 (our A, B and C classes) on the way to the top. Many of these historically important cars have survived and are racing now, very successfully, in our HMR-championship. This way an important piece of racing history is kept very much alive. You can join us!!! The HMR races are not only a great pleasure for the drivers but also for the fans who come to visit us during the several events. Close racing offers a spectacle on a high level that is very suitable to promote products and companies that want to offer “something else” to their customers. Basically everything is possible, per event, per car or for a number of cars, sponsor deals can e tailor-made to suit the needs. A day at the races HMR can organise for you and your customers a “days at the races”. Your guests will enjoy from a very close distance, follow all the preparations for the race and of course, the race itself. A roaring start and the smell of burning rubber and racing-oil shall not easily be forgotten. The group is divided into 4 classes so there is always excitement all through the field. “SEE YOU AT THE TRACK”.


c/o Capellelaan 53
2865 AB
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