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1987/2021 BMW M3 (E30) Enhanced and Evolved by REDUX (328 miles).

1987/2021 BMW M3 (E30) Enhanced and Evolved by REDUX (328 miles).
1987/2021 BMW M3 (E30) Enhanced and Evolved by REDUX (328 miles).

Number 2 of only 30 examples of BMW's legendary E30 M3, enhanced and evolved by Redux Leichtbau here in the UK. Reimagined, hand-built and tastefully modified, this is an E30 CSL for the 2020s and undoubtedly the ultimate development of these desirable sporting saloons.

GUIDE PRICE: £200,000 - £250,000


The E30 BMW M3 was first introduced in 1986 as BMW's high-performance race-bred performance saloon. It was an ‘homologation special’ to satisfy ‘Group A’ Touring Car regulations at the time which dictated a minimum production run of 5,000 cars.
Unlike other manufacturers (such as Ford with the Sierra Cosworth) who turned their road car in to a racing car, BMW uniquely designed their ideal Touring Car for racing ~ and then turned that in to a road car.
So, from the very start, the M3 was extremely successful on track taking the World Touring Championship in 1987, the European Touring Car Championship in 1987 and 1988, the British Touring Car Championship in 1988 and 1991, the Italian in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991, the German in 1987 and 1989, the Australian in 1987 and the Japanese in 1987, 1988 1989, 1990 1991, 1992 and 1993!
UK-based Prodrive also won a round of the World Rally Championship and also the Irish Tarmac Championship outright. This was one serious competition car and one amazing road car. Sales in the UK were slightly subdued by the fact it was only available in left-hand drive and also only marginally less expensive when new than a Ferrari 328, so it was a rare sight on British roads.

All of this makes the car a legendary classic today.

So, when Redux Leichtbau was formed in the UK during 2020 with the sole intention of taking the E30 to the ultimate modern day spec, it’s fair to say that they had a significant challenge on their hands. Their unique approach was to take an E30 M3 road car and then rebuild the car by hand, adding their bespoke body and trim, and mechanical, suspension, engine and brake upgrades. This process takes some 3,000 hours of labour and involves a considerable number of component upgrades and redesigns, far too many to list here. Please see the images of the car which show details of the extensive process undertaken during the rebuild and lists the individual components that are replaced in the standard car. This includes unique carbon fibre bodywork (all except the roof and the doors), a rebuilt and modified engine now producing 300bhp and an individual interior utilising bespoke trim and fabrics. Each build takes between 18 months and 2 years to complete, depending on how many options are chosen as all parts are individually made and, naturally, the quality of the build is exceptional.

This particular car is Chassis number #002 of the 30 cars that Redux hopes to build and is featured heavily on the Redux website as it's the first road car to be built. (Chassis #001 was built as a track car and exported to the USA). It features all the standard specification offered by the £350,000 Redux rebuild, plus a further long list of individual options chosen by our vendor. It's finished in a gorgeous shade of deep metallic green with an interior in chocolate brown and the overall effect is simply fabulous. This conversion and additional options, in addition to the cost of the donor car, pushed the total purchase price for our vendor to in excess of £400,000. The link giving the car's exact specification and also to the very favourable road test of this particular car by Henry Catchpole is here

Today we are very proud to offer the first REDUX converted car to market. Since the conversion it has had just one owner who has covered just 328 road miles in his ownership. This is an extremely rare and very special opportunity that offers both a serious price saving and an ability to avoid the waiting list for this unique E30. Cars #3 and #4 are now in build with Redux, but we have deliberately chosen a very realistic guide price to encourage your bidding on this particular car. We can arrange viewing, and even a test drive, at your convenience prior to the sale for seriously interested parties. Please contact Nick Whale for details.

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