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HERO-ERA Training Academy

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From beginner to master, they're with you all the way! HERO-ERA is recognised as being innovative and professional, with everything they do aimed at giving competitors a first-class experience on their events. This also extends to their training days.

Whether you’re a newcomer, novice or want to brush up on your skills, HERO-ERA's structured series of training days will equip you to compete with confidence or refresh your knowledge as you look to take part in historic Regularity rallying.

Three seminars are on offer during Race Retro on Saturday 24th February with each 1 hour session giving a basic grounding on navigating HERO-ERA and similar type events. Choose from the seminar that best suit your needs or take on all three.

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What's included in the fee?

  • All training materials and sample Routebooks
  • Tuition from some of the most experienced current competitors
  • Welcome coffee and biscuits
  • Advice on in-car preparation

Please note: This price to attend seminars does not include your entry ticket to the show.

Available Seminars

Seminar 1: The Basics

What is a Regularity? Introduction to Tulip diagrams and marked maps. Go the right way! How to tackle a Test. General understanding on the event and overall times and basic timecard information.

Suitable for: Complete beginners, and those who want to know if the events are for them

Seminar 2: Timing

Timing on Jogularities and using accumulative speed tables.

Suitable for: Complete beginners

We suggest you also attend if you are a novice or a crew that have participated on an event or two before but felt confused by timing or want a better understanding.

Seminar 3: Advanced Events

Learn different plotting types, and gain tips and tricks for advanced events. 

Gain insight into more complex timing, speed changes and speed tables - start thinking like the route coordinator.


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