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  • "Increasing the immediacy and effectiveness of the Anti Roll Bar!"
  • Halti Recycled Day Backpack with any Halti purchase over £100
  • TRIUMPH TR4 & TR4A POWER ASSISTED STEERING Effective, Efficient, High Quality, easy to fit Power Assisted Steering conversions making classic cars more pleasureable and easier to drive.
  • Direct to head throttle body kits
  • CASTOR BLOCKS Intended for TR7 & TR8 fitted with PAS
  • Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels. This applies to E-10, E-15, E-85, pure ethanol and an ...
  • A well known and long standing solution to Hub Studs pulling out of the alloy trailing arm!
  • Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak is an all new formulation of Lucas additives and very specific base stocks designed to stop seal leaks in engines!
  • Halti Womens Streams Mid-layer Jacket
  • Perfect for the retro vehicle that does to have Bluetooth compatibility listen to music charge your phone talk hands free all you need is a good old fashioned cigar lighter and FM radio     
  • Ball jointed  AR links  Applicable to: TR, Stag, Innsbruck Saloons, Spitfire, GT6, Herald / Vitesse, MGB, MGC, Austin Healey Sprite, and Midget. These links connect the suspension arm to the anti-roll ...
  • Unleaded ethanol-free storage fuel for all types of vehicles.

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